Monday, February 29, 2016

The Homeless

The homeless are not really the "homeless," as in "don't have anywhere to lay their head. " With a not so hot definition, mine comes from a once attempt to volunteer in registering homeless in San Francisco. Over (1)a third of the so called homeless are druggies and have developed a lifestyle, i.e., don't bother me, I am doing what I want. They know where every handout or service is offered. A second (2) third are mentally ill. They have been on the streets too long, some were in institutions and should be back. (3)A small group, sometimes, some remnant of a family, can be helped. RARE

San Fran is wringing its collective hands. Ed Lee, the Mayor, is incapable. He is an Asian. They don't have homeless. What the f..k? Some "high tech type" wrote a letter to the "Chronicle" decrying  the homeless; couldn't bring his folks to the "City." What I say to him and others, "get over it." The so called homeless aren't going to evaporate. Most are not going to change. We have to accept it and do the best we can. It is an insoluble problem. Moving the homeless out of the "City" may make us look better but surely is not going to do it. 

We have people in this "City" trying to do the best for the problem. We are spending millions of dollars and have to keep at it. We can't throw in the towel, this isn't LA. This is San Francisco. This is the "City" with a history of "love ins/protests," giving the very liberal finger to about everybody. It is called San Francisco.  . 

we are not going to solve the homeless deluge. Can't be done less we do something which is out of character with who we are. I don't want to live in a city that even appears to be heartless, regardless of our f..king platitudes.The high tech guy and his  parents and those like him, get over it.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Not So Fast Kilroy

My wife thinks Trump will cause the Repubs to implode eventually and Hillary will pick up the Democratic nod, trounce Trump and he will be a footnote. My thinking, "Not so fast there Kilroy." (This was one of those sayings that every Vietnam vet remembers, even though they did not know the origin, "Not so fast Kilroy." Here is the story:  The 1st Sergeant is heard by the commander, relating something personal to one of his troops. Very crass. No tact. The commander calls the First Sergeant in and says "Top, you need to learn tact and sensitivity with our soldiers, I want to hear you using tact." About a week later, sure enough a soldier's grandmother dies and word came to the First Sergeant. Now was his chance to practice his new sensitive self. He calls a formation (gathering of the troops at attention). He gets in front of the soldiers and says, "Everybody here whose Grandmother is still living, take one step backward. Not so fast there, Kilroy." 

My thinking is that Hillary and Bill have had their chance; Not So Fast Killroy. Think BERNIE. 


Thursday, February 18, 2016


Pope Frances has told Donald Trump, "f..k off." About time. Yes, Donald Trump's bigoted behavior is unChristian. Roger that. Using the concept of, "What Would Jesus Do?" He surely wouldn't go for building walls to keep people out. (Build Bridges, the Pope said) My worst irritant is that people are still supporting the ego maniac, f..king numb nuts, Donald Trump. I am sorry that I did away with my blog, "Most People Are Stupid." 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Furman University is s small college on the outskirts of Greenville, South Carolina. I graduated from it almost by accident. I had never heard of the school, never even visited before I went. Not exactly a good example. I was a "walk on" football player till I failed out. 

 It only took me five or six years to graduate. I met my wife there. Over the years the school has developed almost as a resort. Gorgeous campus is not even close. Academics are important
and they have been called the Harvard of the South. My thinking is that it should be the other way around. Harvard is the Furman of the North. 

Conventionality had not been their strongpoint. They were tied to the Baptists but finally departed ways when the Baptists embraced fundamentalism. Consequently, I don't expect they would embrace the Republicans. If they do, I will get worried about this election. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Recently I was doing some OPA duties and took my granddaughter for her driver's permit She had her paperwork done, took her test, etc. At first the DMV looks like everybody's bad experience but it actually is fairly efficient, as much as can be. A client base of every ethnic group known to man. I don't know how they do it. All the languages, ages, nationalities. It happens. Forget politics for a moment and let's give a shout-out to the DMV. 


Yesterday, I went to lunch with a couple of my old military buddies and a former commander who once fired me. I deserved it and great to see him and tell him thanks for putting up with my shenanigans. During the conversation, he mentioned that he had recently seen friends and was appalled at their lack of tolerance in terms of politics. I think the devisiveness in the country is simply so great that to overcome, we have to come up with another plan. I first heard it from a Repub type, Walt Rostow. He was talking politics: in order for a politician to be successful, he/she must get 60% of the people for him. 25% will be against everything and 15% are out to lunch. I think his figures have to be adjusted. Let's apply to general public. Maybe 40% favorable, 35% against everything, 25% out to lunch. 

Quit saying "The American people." Bullshit. My view, 40% of Americans don't give a s..t one way or another. This isn't negative, this is reality. Let's quit lamenting this great lack of interest and zero in on those who want to do something--quit this bullshit of thinking all Americans care when they don't. 

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Friday, February 05, 2016


Good example of the "haves and have nots." I decided yesterday to check out the Super Bowl hoopla at the Ferry Terminal/Justine Herman Plaza. Security was a little like airports. Walk through a detector. One funny thing where I went through, I recognized a "street person" that I actually knew and actually talked to her lots. She is a regular, right in front of the Ferry Building. I recognized her mainly as she has no teeth. Now, she is one of the security guards. I could only think, "good for her."

I didn't see what all the hype was about. Maybe it all happens at night. Kind of reminds me of the NC State Faire when I was growing up, without the animals. I will have to say this, the "tonish"  of the SF Police Department, which was there in force (overkill), was substantial. Don't they have a "Weight Control Officer." Oh well. 

I doubt the City (San Francisco) will get much out of it all. High rollers and even those who aren't will zero in on Santa Clara where the actual game is played. Personally I am a little sad. I think Frisco (I am in a movement to bring back the 150 year old name) has lost its way and the Super Bowl hype is an example. To hide the homeless/street people, they have moved them out of sight down to Folsom and 3d or fifth. This is something that might happen in LA or Chivago or Seattle or NY but not San Fran. SF has always accepted those on the fringes, the margins. The old rap on Frisco is that you could come to the City and be what you want. During the summer of love, Vietnam," if you are coming to San Francisco, wear a flower in your hair". No more. Open your billfold and if you ain't got it, get the hell out of here. It is now, "what is expensive in San Fran?" Everything. F..k. 

Hand Made Sign by a homeless person just outside the Super Bowl City in San Francisco

Come on guys, give an old man a few coins, you won't even miss it. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Watching Trump fly in on his private jet and helicopter made me sick. His name, TRUMP, emblazoned on the side of the plane. This sorry arrogant trailer trash MFer simply by showing his ostentatious wealth was giving most in America the finger--those supposedly angry people still touting Trump and they barely can put food on the table. Maybe Trump will give them a ride on his plane, now that a less arrogant type has kicked his ass in Iowa. Sorry MFer. 


My interest in the present political posturing is equal to how many gays on Castro Street support Cruz/Trump. LOL. Like 0!!!!!!

I am going to pretty much ignore politics from here on out. I don't find any real use in it. My prediction which I have said before: I am a Democrat and think that what will happen is the same as last Presidential election. The "demographics" just favor the Democrats. Their (1) base, (2) far left, (3) hispanics, (4) blacks and if they vote, (5) millennials. The President only won by 5 million votes in the last election. 

The Republican sideshow is like a bunch of 7th graders and is unlikely to catch fire, I believe; but anything could happen. Who would have thought that someone like Trump who has insulted most everybody, is still around, in all his obnoxious self. I am nonplused.

Politics is corruptive by its very nature, I believe. I don't mean we are like some 3d world country even if we act like it occasionally. A politician gets in office. He/she loses the concept of public service. Reelection is the goal. Think of it, someone running for office, say Hillary: She will shake your hand, "please give me your vote." Once elected, they would not give you the time of day. 

I support Bernie and have long before he began to get traction. Bernie offers the only possibility of change as I see it. Will it happen? I doubt it. But, Bernie's new. Hillary and Bill have had their chance.