Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We have to fix the flaws in Obamacare: plain and simple. As I see it, biggest f..k up is that people can't keep their own insurance. Not sure what it all means but sure as s..t, can't depend on the healthcare industry. They would leave cancer patients on gurneys in the street. They are motivated by profits and we need to figure out a way to kick their ass. Unfortunately, most people labor under the allusion that HMOs care. Bullshit. They don't. 

An example which relates to myths on our part. I got dinged for a late payment on a credit card where I had a small balance. I have been a customer for 30 years. It was one of these computer generated things and when I finally reached customer service to raise hell, I got some youngster who didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Not his fault. He is just happy to have a job. Once I settled down, I realized how much this sort of stuff is related to the Affordable Health Care Act. You have all these people out there We have to fix the glitches. We are not talking about the Republican Obsession. And, we can't rely on that bullshit of "small percentage" of those who lose plans they like. It is fairly unAmerican to force people to do things even if it is good for us. But, then again, what the hell. We make people wear seat belts, have car insurance, etc. I say again, what the hell. 

Will this get fixed? I doubt it. I tell you what it reminds me of. NYC has something like 3000 muggings a week. In a city of 11 mil, 3000 is not much. However, if you are one of the 3000, it is a 100%. If you are one of the ones who loses your healthcare because of the AHCA, it is a 100%. 

Monday, October 28, 2013


Watching the World Series this week, the games have honored American service men and women. Pretty inspiring to hear, God Bless America. My initial thought: the military is something upon which all can agree. Pride. However, the military will do what we always do after wars: fire soldiers. 

TIME Magazine recently had a piece about the resistance of the Army to change. Still , according to the article, after these two prolonged (useless) wars, the Army has no "after war" strategy. The Army, in particular, is still prepared for the "Cold War" and not terrorism or whatever we face in the future. 

I don't doubt any of it. Too many generals/officers at every level. Not enough emphasis on Special Ops. What this article dealt with was philosophy. Every swinging "Richard" has an opinion. The military is about to do what we always do. CUT. And, it is going to be brutal and in the long run, who suffers are the troops. We will throw lots of good soldiers out, many who have shed their life's blood in two sorry wars. Not their fault. They are soldiers, have done their jobs. Makes no difference, they are "out of here." And, I don't see anybody at the top levels willing to take on doing this "drawdown" with some common sense. The top brass of the Army can't do it. The vast majority of bureaucrats have no military experience and if these two sorry wars have taught us anything: Can't trust the rosy reports of the leaders. We have to have some "big" thinkers and I don't know where we can find them. F..k. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013


The GFs ((Girlfriends--old guys I have breakfast with three times a week) gave me hell this week. The rollout of the President's health care package has been a disaster. The website could have been put together by two seventh graders. I apologize to the 7th graders, as tech savvy as most of these kids are, they could have done a better job. 

There really is no way to defend the president. He is the leader and has to take the hit. He should have put the NSA in charge, at least they could have listened to a few thousand calls and pretended it was "National Security" and the website was "top secret." Such bullshit.  

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality instrument pegs the prez, as an ENTJ (Extrovert, iNtuitive, Thinker, Judging). Same as my wife who could run the world. The President, based on his personality, has been a little too reticent to fire people. His management style, "give them a job and expect them to do it." Hasn't worked. 

We have to give the Affordable Care Act some time. There are problems with the "law" that are outside the mere website. The website is mechanics. It will get fixed but there are other problems--I heard this young girl with Kaiser who now had to give up insurance that she liked and go to another something, more expensive. Bullshit. These problems have got to get fixed. 

And sure as shit, we can't allow drug companies and pharmaceuticals in general to have anything to say. Their middle name is gouge the consumer. There are examples everywhere of how f..k up our system of healthcare is and it doesn't have anything to do with "Obamacare." Over the last couple of years, we have seen investigative report after report that shows how out of control, $3000 a night for a hospital room, etc--bullshit to the max. But, they are still gouging. Why? Because they can. They will exploit any loophole to sabotage reform. MFers.  

In terms of placating the Republicans. Forget it. Can't be done. The president is the smartest president I've known but when you have to deal with basic racism, he could be "Jesus walking on water" and he could't please these MFers. So, what to do? Forget pleasing, translated, politics. But, Mr. President, it is time for another strategy. The AHSO defense. Here it is. 

Captain Ahso was the pilot of a Japanese Airliner who landed his plane in the San Francisco Bay. His landing was so smooth that the passengers didn't even realize it until they saw sailboats. When all the furor died down, the FAA had a hearing and Captain Ahso was the first witness. The interrogator said something like, "Captain Ahso tell us what happened. With all the sophisticated navigation equipment available to you, plus a clear beautiful day, and you managed still to land five miles out in the San Francisco Bay? What happened?" The courtroom was quiet, all eyes were on Captain Ahso. Finally he said, "CAPTAIN AHSO FUCK UP!" There you have it. Let's quit justifying, blaming, let's take the AHSO Defense and move on. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013


The latest "Time Magazine" had on its cover, the lead story, the United States of Texas--Why the Lone Star Is America's Future. My first thought was "Time" has gone to Weedville. The article has a viewpoint: get lots for less, available jobs--a lifestyle. The problem with Texas is that you have to live in Texas. Worse High School dropout rate in America and a political system that has produced Rick Perry and Ted Cruz. And, really you want to live in Texas? Please. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


SAFE DISTRICT. What the f..k does that mean? Politically what it means, I guess, is that some Republican Congressman has a district of non thinking, ignorant people who blindly vote for some sorry MFer who will sell them down the road in a millisecond for his own purposes. Instead of his constituents getting angry when they start to realize that no SS, other government safety net issues, etc. are happening, they fall over in their stupidity, "yes sir, yes sir, three bags full." 

Monday, October 14, 2013


Robert Reich for President. He is a little guy but bigtime thinker. I have never heard him utter a word that I haven't liked. I think in the present political climate, he is like a superhero. The problem with Reich and even the documentary about "inequality" (features Reich) now in theaters is that he is preaching to the choir. The difficulty is that Republican bigoted, right wing zealots have taken us hostage. 

The one thing that Reich says that sticks out above all is that the President has the authority under the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling. If Reich says it, I believe it, plain and simple. If the president doesn't follow Reich's advice, I am going to be damn pissed at him. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013


A friend of mine says term limits are the secret. We can't bring that about. His idea is a little novel, however. He says that when we go to the election, you look at who is the incumbent and you vote against them. It might work but our system doesn't lend it that way. For instance my representative is Nancy Pelosi. I candidate emerges. Why? Money maybe which brings up another issue. Why does money rule politics. If you see an ad, you have to know that somebody is paying for it. Why should you believe it. Why should billboards, TV, radio, whatever influence you if you are a thinker. Well, our Republic has beve complicated, vast population. Where do we go from here. F..k if I know. 


The absolute height of political failure/hypocrisy is experienced in the government shutdown. The extreme example is a soldier's family not receiving a promised death benefit. This is inexcusable. This crisis will pass but this incident will not. 

This is a heart tugging example of why we are a broken system. For a weird reason, to me at least, is why would
normal/average/regular people not connect the dots. Until they do, it will remain broken. And, I am not sure that connecting the dots will even do it. Simply, zeolots choose ideology over the good of the country and they are cheered on by those who have the most to lose. Maybe this will do it: When average people begin to miss their social security checks, medicare protection, government pensions, to include disable vet checks, the Zeolot supporters might suddenly come out of the ether.

Monday, October 07, 2013


A MYSTERY. I am listening to Bob Scheffer interview some Republican Senator on "Face The Nation." Scheffer asked him a direct question. Something like this: "how is it that you have let a freshman Senator, somebody who has been in the senate less than a year, set the political agenda for the entire Republican Party?" 

Here is how he answered: "The President needs to come to the negotiating table and talk to us." The MFer did not even attempt to answer Scheffer's question. We all know the Congressional mantra: When talking to the media, "never answer the question asked, answer the question you wished they had asked." Congressmen/women actually go to a type of "charm" school to learn this technique. Here's the mystery to me: why does someone like Scheffer let them off the hook? Scheffer, more than most, has nothing to prove He is a veteran Newsman and an old guy, why can't he come back and say, "Senator, you didnot answer the question: repeat the question if necessary (Why would you let some asshole like Ted Cruz set your agenda). Granted, he doesn't have to be as crude as me (although it would be more honest) but any way you cut it, it is disingenuous to the listening public not to get a straight answer.  

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Cecil Currey

Vo Nguyen Giap. The tenacious North Vietnam leader who would not die-- finally hits the road, 102. Vo Nguyen Giap and the victory at Dien Bien Phu essentially drove France out of Vietnam   and, of course, in our stupidity, we replaced the French. Giap did not drive us out, rather waited us out. 

The definitive book about Giap was written by my good friend, Cecil Currey. When I read of Giap's death, I immediately thought of Cecil. He had sent me his book, "Victory at Any Cost." I am not so much interested in Giap as I am in my good friend Cecil. The last time I talked with him, he was on the way to Vietnam to visit Giap as they had developed a close relationship. Cecil was a hero in Vietnam. And, I will have to say that Cecil was one of my heroes. 

We beat around the Army together for a long time. Without a doubt, he should have made general but he refused to be politically correct if it sacrificed the truth. Cecil is a perfect example in our modern volunteer military, the best leaders rarely get to the top. In my own faith, I take comfort that Giap and my good friend are somewhere philosophizing.  

Thursday, October 03, 2013

God Bless "merica" (NASCAR pronunciation)

As I've totally run out of things to say about the idiotsville Congress and the governmental shutdown; and in seeing no progress, here's a good story. America is such a unique country that as we wrestle with what seems like  impossible differences, it is good to remind ourselves of the occasional unique difference in us and other countries. 

I am listening to a man in Pakistan being interviewed. He is a Christian and is talking about the targeting of the Chritian community by Muslims. Here he says, "All someone has to do is accuse you of insulting the Prophet. The first thing you know, a crowd has gathered and your life is in danger. No proof, nothing. It happens all the time. People are falsely accused: someone  starts screaming, wanting the person stoned, hanged. All on nothing more than accusation."

The difference in America. Someone accuses, starts making noises, anything out of the ordinary. Some bystander calls the police and says, "there's a nut out here screaming and hollering about something." The police come and check it out. Everybody goes about their business. WELCOME TO "Merica."

A moral Issue

What we have in America today is a f..king moral lapse. Most of it has to do with politics. 26 states don't offer the expansion of Medicaid. We are talking health insurance denied to poor Americans. And why, a Republican Governor who is morally corrupt. Paint it any way you want. MFers are without scruples. 

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


“Novelist, Tom Clancey who just died said it best. Why does Washington rarely make good decisions? 
Answer: We elect idiots. 
What I think he should have added: the people who elect these idiots are just as much idiots.”


The last day of Baseball. I was watching the ballgame, the last game for the Giants this season. Boche, the Manager, put in Barry Zito for his last time in a Giants Uniform. He struck the final batter of the Inning out. Sharon loved Zito when he was in Oakland and then the Giants. I figured he pitched the only and last out in honor of Sharon.  

WHAT IS REALLY BEHIND SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. IN A WORD, racism. 63% of Tea Party is from the South. HELLO!!!!!  HELLO!!!