Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Living Life in the Fast Lane

The focus yesterday was on Leonard, who is 79, the top ranking tennis player his age in the State. He plays everyday. Such an interesting character. You simply cannot insult him and I've tried in a joking way. He's a diehard Republican and spouts the typical line. And, he just rattles on when everybody jumps on him. Yesterday, he and Andy (73) were sparring because Andy, in a rare event, had beaten him in tennis. And, the one who loses which is mostly Andy, has to buy the balls.

Leonard is an interesting guy who has lived quite the life. For instance, he was a Dixie cup salesman for over thirty years and as says, got fired. Why? He says he told them if they did not change, they would die: and, when he told them, they were number one in cup selling in the country and were convinced that styrofoam cups would never make it. Well, we know what happened. In fact, Leonard says he is the guy who came up with the idea of the Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket. He designed it and sold it to KFC. He tells this fascinating tale about talking with Colonel Sanders whose main thing was that he wanted to learn to cook chicken fast. The Col was definitely not a marketer. Leonard has this elaborate story about how he had to convince them that people would buy a bucket when Col Sanders said noway. Guess what? They did.

Then there's Larry who is always sharing about his love life. Well, we are asking? He works to keep himself "buff" and is for a sixty year old or close. He say he's spoiled as he had this younger romantic interest which was right down his alley and now, very tough to recover. "I've been to the mountain," he keeps laughing. Recently, he's had two dates as of late which didn't meet his standards. And, he definitely reminds me of my unmarried nephew who has these unbelievable ideas on what he wants in a women: one with an eighteen inch waist, big boobs, in great shape, never married, no baggage. Good luck.