Monday, October 03, 2005

Had breakfast with the buds, Gary and I had a long run. We spent a big portion of the morning discussing Iraq; what a mess. And, on every turn. Andy is pretty much an idealist, in a perfect world, everybody would love each other. I think much of it has to do with his background, being raised in Greece. I think I told you that as a twelve year old, he saw all the men in his village killed: it was in his book, I think. Michael is a little more practical: we are there and so don't tell me all this stuff about weapons of mass destruction, forget all that, yes, no, true or not, we are there. What is your plan? Gary is close to being a Bush hater. He, like Andy, also likes to deal in the "what ifs." My position is more and more fluid, to be honest. After watching Sixty Minutes and seeing the guy who was a big part of our getting in the war int he beginning, who literally convinced all the neocons as they are called, i. e., Chaney, Wolfowich, a few others that Saddam was a bigger threat than he was. Then, of course, he fell out of favor with the Bush crowd and they tried to discredit him. He reinvents himself in Iraqi and is now a leading minister, head of all the oil. Another example of how screwed up everything is. Weird to the max. I've always felt that we had to get Saddam at some point; get him now or later; but, the war has been horribly mismanaged.