Monday, June 28, 2010


A really good article, written by writer who lives in Mill Valley,California was recently in the New York Times. The basic gist of the piece had to do with an issue that faces so many: declining health in later life and the sometimes intransigence of the Medical Community. The writer told how a pacemaker ruined the lives of her Mom, herself and two brothers. The pacemaker had a 10 year battery life while her dad had strokes, dementia, would nor die and docs would not remove it. Heart kept ticking. Sad but most difficult thing and implied in this article was the profit motive for the doctor and the medical community. It showed the importance of having a well thought out and specific Medical Directive and a physician that would agree to abide by it.


Victoria had a simple faith and philosophy which was wrapped around
being reunited with her brother Fred, who died in a plane crash on his
last flight before receiving his aviator wings; her beloved retired
military father (WWl) and her devoted mother. Toward the end,
Victoria's life was linked to this goal. Consequently, she was
determined not to remain on this earth longer than neccessary. To her,
as her body gave out and her activity level decreased, i. e., she had to
give up driving--time to go. At this point of her life, having every possible
contingency in a Medical Directive was beyond important. She made sure her physician would adhere to her wishes and he agreed. And, when it
was time for her journey, Victoria met her goal. God bless her.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Our unit in Nam was operating in a free fire zone, (nobody suppose to be there, meaning, Vietnamese). Along beside this stream was a few little huts. It had been raining like if you ever saw Forest Gump, rained so hard it was sideways, about as miserable as you can imagine. So, at night, it was quite a treat to slip inside one of these huts and get a little sleep. The huts had almost no roof and so the rain poured in but still, something. Some straw was on the floor. It was about three in the morning and I was awaken by something on me, you guessed it: a rat and not a field mouse either, something like a small cat. For whatever reason, I was calm as a cucumber and remembered that several of our guys had been bitten and had to take these gosh awful tetanus shots or whatever they give you for possible ravenous rat bites: had to take them in the belly. I turned my head to the side and there was a platoon of rats, they were in a line to walk across me. Would you believe that I lay there and they all walked across and I didn't get bitten. Should I put this in the miracle category.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


On Talk of the Nation on NPR (National Public Radio), I listened to a
program about Muslim Women wearing the habib I think it's called,
covering the head. They had some women on who heads (no pun intended)
some organization of supporting women who cover, etc, then some twenty
something Muslim who was covered, very conservative and wearing it was
a great dedication to God she allowed. Then we had all these women
calling in. Some Mormon types wearing a special type of underwear,
both men and women. Then some young Pentecostal female called in
telling about her devotion to God by justifying it all with Scripture.
She wore long dresses

I was doing OK listening till all this "prooftexting" of the Bible
started. Prooftexing is taking a small portion of something and
applying it to a broad princrple. The "prooftexer refuses to accept
the whole scripture: that which comes before and after.

As a person of faith, this proof texting doesn't do a thing for me.
Religious people can do anything they please but for goodness sakes
don't try to justify what you are doing by prooftexting the Bible. The
radical Muslims do it by the use of the Koran. I don't know the Koran
but I do know the Bible. One big difference in radical Muslims, I
guess, is they have moved to violence. Christians in modern times,
other than the occasional abortion idiot, are not running around
trying to kill people. Sorry, I digress.

Prooftexting the Bible shows people's ignorance I think. The Bible is
a wonderful book and I believe it. And, as my seminary professor, Dr
Boyce, use to say, treat the Old Testament, as Wisdom literature,
meaning great stories. But, arguing the Bible is mostly a waste of
time for thinking people unless you simply agree to disagree. My
advice, stick to the gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They are
about what Jesus said and did.


What the f...Helen Thomas, 89, is authorized to say what she wants.
Just kidding. Nobody really is! But, talk about an over reaction. Give
me a break! If her remarks are the worse thing ever said about Israel,
they are damn blessed and that is saying it mildly. I support Israel.
Us Southern types are raised with the adage, anybody who f...s With
the Jews are eventually going to get it
. But what the hell. Helen
Thomas is a news icon and this a piss poor approach by the political
correct police. Robert Gibbs calling it reprehensible is taking himself way too serious. And, the rest of the press. Talk about Hull Defolade (couldn't be found). Are they scared of Israel? Nobody is immune or should be from taking a few hits. Helen, over the top but come on! The Prez ought to have said, "Helen, this is a bit much and you know better." She is 89 for God's sake. What the hell, lighten up.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


As we begin to apply the Counter Insurgency Strategy to ridding the
Taliban in what most believe is the most important spot in
Afghanistan, Kandahar, I've become more and more convinced that very
simply we need a Soviet style solution. Get the hell out.

Talk about a long shot! is just one little piece taken from a
great article in NY Times, titled, Kandahar--a better title would have
been, Back To The Future. And the reason?--the reporter arrives in
Kandahar to witness, "a young widow forced into marriage with an
elderly man is being taken to the main mosque and stoned to death, by
one of her own children, among others, for alleged adultery with her
husband's 38 year old son."

And, does any thinking person, outside the "can do" military generals
labor under any illusion that we can reconcile our culture with one
mired in the 15th century. PLEASE. Give me a break. Evidence after evidence indicates that under the best scenario, Afghanistan is a "fast train to nowhere." Forget all that bullshit about embarrassed/shamed if we get the hell out. If we
continue to be this stupid, we might be the mext to get stoned.


It is always a little HUMOROUS to me when someone claims to have served
in Vietnam but didn't. For at least ten years after Vietnam, we didn't
talk about Vietnam. It wasn't that we were ashamed of what we did but
we weren't stupid either. For almost some inexplicable reason, the
general public somehow identified us with the ills of the country,
made worse by Vietnam. So, what did we do? Kept our mouths shut.

To be honest, we simply did our duty. Next case. And, time does some
crazy things, at least in my view. Serving in Vietnam has become a
kind of badge of honor. "I am a Vietnam vet" became in vogue.

I was absolutely intrigued. Vets were coming out of the woodwork. And,
suddenly I would see guys claiming to be vets that simply made me
smile. The homeless guys who were drugged out were putting Vietnam vet
on their signs--Please help. Vietnam vet. Many were too young to be
Vietnam vets and, the old guys were getting mileage out of it.

Now, of course, we are getting guys like Blumenthal, a politician from
Connecticut embellishing his resume. He went from a six month Marine
Reservist to a combat vet. Now, trust me, that is a leap. What do vets
think about it? We are all over the map. For me, I could care less. I
did my duty, served my country, survived. Other vets are not so kind.
They range from calling Blumenthal a sorry MF to lying SOB to typical

Here's what I've noticed about non vets. When I talk to them,
regardless of what they say, there appears to be some sort of
underlying feeling--a major singular event of their lives happened and
they missed it. In a sense, maybe this "missing this singular event,"
regardless of the reason, is behind the "wanna be" types like
Blumenthals' lying. Let me give Blumenthal a little comfort. Vietnam
was a "sorry" war and you didn't miss a f...... thing! Still, you
shouldn't lie.


The World Affairs Council is a forum for various individuals of note
to speak and promote their positions, usually with an accompanying
book. Recently, my wife and I, along with friends, attended to hear
Hersi Ally. Here's the short version of who she is. She wrote a book,
Infidel, a very good memoir, where she confronted radical Islam
attitudes toward women. When I read it, I thought "this is going to
get her killed." She has now written one called, Nomad, which I
haven't read but will. From Somalia, she escaped a forced marriage,
went to the Netherlands, eventually became a member of paliarment.
Made a movie, condemning Muslim treatment of women. Gus Van Gogh who
produced movie was killed by crazed Muslim for insulting Mohammed.
Eventually, she resigned from parliment, mainly due to politics and
eventually made her way to U. S. primarily because we could protect
her. Good for us.

To me, Ally has become a singular voice for facing up to radical
Islamists throughout she world. She made several points in her talk:
one had to do with our failure to confront and condemn Islam
radicalism. For instance, we have no trouble condemning Christianity
and she used the Catholic Church as an example. The press has been
merciless toward the Church whereas they tread lightly in condemning
Islam for their various practices centered in the 15th century, i. e.,
stoning, beheadings, mostly centered on the various interpretations of
the Koran. No trials, hearings, nothing. We look the other way. She
called it a type of naiviety. I would say, it is more of the American
"political correctness." Very complicated in a sense and often wrapped
up in our insane and stupid politics. Ali also zeroed in on American
Muslims who are untiring in their efforts to defend Islam as opposed
to honestly discussing the faith.

I've become a big fan of Hersi Ally's bravery in speaking out. I
didn't feel that she got the chance to be as honest and forthright as
she wanted to be at the WAC. The moderator appeared to be way
overboard in wallowing in PC herself.

It was obvious from the audience that we were a friendly and
appreciative crowd as we gave her a standing ovation. To me, she is
now an American treasure
. I hope we are protecting her with an
intention that befits her.