Sunday, May 31, 2015

Justice in the next life

From the obit, "NY Times;" almost titled this. HEAVEN or HELL. Is their a special Hell for those who do truly terrible things. 

"Vladimir Katriuk, accused of war crimes, died at 93. Mr Katriuk and other Nazis were accused of herding nearly 200 civilians into a barn in Khatyn, Belarus, burning them alive and machine gunning those who tried to flee." 

Comments. What a terrible thing although it did occur in war. And, there is a believe that what happens in war is pre-forgiven. I don't believe it but not necessary that I believe. I am a Christian,  and do in fact believe in a special "hell" reserved for those who perpetrate a type of suffering on others or who perpetrate terrible acts against the innocent. 


It would appear to me that the best thing that O'Malley,  former governor of Maryland, could do, is lock himself away for a couple of days to watch HBO's, "The Wire." O'Malley is obviously  based on Carsetti, the mayor of "The Wired" or is Carsetti based on O'Malley. The mayor, Carcetti, could make good speeches, promise all kinds of things. He didn't do s..t. (Well, typical politician) our fault, we keep putting the Carsetti/O'Malleys in office. 

Everything was politics. In "The Wire," the moment he was elected Mayor, he started his campaign for governor. The fact that Baltimore was overrun by drugs, a poor educational system, corruption everywhere, those are just sidebars to getting elected. A beleaguered police department trying to carry out Carsetti's zero tolerance, mainly for the "midgets" at the lowest levels of the drug trade,
while leaving the kingpins alone. Only stats mattered. 

Carsetti (O'Malley)'s polices eventually produced a police dept of cops who gave up, reduced to doing nothing and waiting on retirement. "The Wire" should be required rewatching or maybe a new title--How to f..k up continually--leave it to politics. . 

What amazes me about a guy like O'Malley is that he has a gigantic pair (don't make me explain "pair"). All I see O'Malley brings to the table is that he sings and plays in a rock band. 


When I was in a Masters Program at LIU (Long Island University) in Brooklyn, we had to do a MA  paper which involved original research. My partner and I were assigned the topic of "The role of the NY City welfare system in combatting poverty. This was in the "dark" ages and the scene is so much more complicated now than then. However, some things have not changed. 

Having just finished rewatching the HBO program, "The Wite", it is almost impossible to read an investigative report like the NY Times' on "Three Quarters Houses" and not relate it, to "The Wire." the Wire dealt mostly with drugs as the overall culprit.  This "Report" is mostly about the unscrupulous people involved with the "homeless, drug addicts, the miriad of problems, too much to even come up with solutions. It is almost impossible to comprihend. The principles of the story and of the "Wire" are pretty much the same. 

The vast majority of Americans are not only uninvolved but uninformed. Not our fault but we keep looking for those political saviors which don't exist. In the "NY Times" story, there are unscrupulous landlords, lawyers, doctors, all praying on the worst of the marginalized. The main culprit rides around in a "$100,000" leased Mercedes. He continues to rip off tenants and the government mainly because like in "The Wire" the police, housing inspectors, bureaucrats designed to keep the abuse from happening, are so overwhelmed, they do nothing

The situation is so muddled and riddled with the "crooked that it simply continues. The survival of all those caught up in the morass of problems, falls on the individual themselves, it seems. If you dare, read the "Report" in the Sunday "Times." 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Perfection of the Paperclip

When I first saw this title, I though people will write a book on anything. However, after exploring, much more to this book. Check it out. 

My other thought, however: how the f..k does a guy get a book like this published. Who decided on it? For those of us who keep trying, would love to know the publishing story. 

Let's don't take away from the author, however, more power to him. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Heretic Revisited.

Recently, at a social event, I ran into one of my favorite people. He is delightful. An heir to a liquor fortune, I have known him for years and while I am thinking of the more "base" things of life, friends, women, my transgressions, whatever, he is the epitome of the esoteric existence. My friend is a "Birkenstocks, Southern gentleman from the get go--just returned from a three month sabbatical where his guru of 15 years worked with him in meditation. What the f..K. 

In the course of us talking some southern stuff, he told me that he was the volunteer head of some multi-faith group: Christian, Buddhist, Muslim. I finally got a word in and related that I had just read Hersi Ali's book, "Heretic" and how did his involvement in this multi-faith group, square with her as she asserts that "Islam is not a peaceful religion." I briefly let him read her statement which by the way was in my iPhone, here is what she says in her intro, "In September 2001, a group of 19 Islamic terrorists flew hijacked planes into buildings in New York and Washington, D.C., killing 2,996 people. For more than thirteen years now, I have been making a simple argument in response to such acts of terrorism. My argument is that it is foolish to insist, as our leaders habitually do, that the violent acts of radical Islamists can be divorced from the religious ideals that inspire them. Instead, we must acknowledge that they are driven by a political ideology, an ideology embedded in Islam itself, in the holy book of the Qur’an as well as the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad contained in the hadith. Let me make my point in the simplest possible terms: Islam is not a religion of peace."

Thursday, May 28, 2015


One of the things that make me think I want to read this book is that the Doc seems so real. I heard him interviewed on NPR (National Public Radio) by my favorite interviewer, Terry Gross.  "Real," meaning that he shares his mistakes as well as the triumphs. 

I surely have some experiences from the days when I was a big Medical Center.  On occasion, I would sometimes run across a Doc who was arrogant to the max. Surgeons especially. And, I understood it. These guys go through grueling training and when they get on the other side, they think they can leap tall buildings with a single bound and they can. Although I had some run-ins with a few, it was never personal and my respect for them is enormous still. 

One other thing that makes the book sound interesting is the comparison between systems like Great Britain and our f..Ked up one. 


Breakfast With My Girlfriends is always interesting. Bunch of old guys who show up a few times a week for breakfast

Had this dialogue yesterday: 

Sam: (a retired lawyer) You can't say that all mosques in America are magnets for terrorism. 

Jay: (still practicing Doc). Why not?

Sam: Well, could you say all churches are magnets for terrorism?

Doc: They are not trying to kill us. Sam, you just like to argue. 

Sam: F..k you. 

Doc: Don't take it personal. I just finished Ali Hersi's book, Heretic. Fabulous book. If you read it, you'll never see Islam the same way, again. 

TALKING "Merica"

Yesterday, I went into a store in San Fran to buy a lottery ticket for my wife. We have a little joke, she wants to win the lottery so she could help a lot of mankind. The problem is that she has to buy a ticket. 

The clerk in the store seemed pretty hostile. He made some reference to his country, looked Middle Eastern (comments obviously subjective). I didn't engage him but laughed and said, "Want to make your customers feel good? Tell them you love 'Merica.' " I emphasized the Southern pronunciation. I smiled and moved on. 

Afterwards, I got to thinking. I really don't get it. Many immigrants that so desire to get to "Merica" don't seem to grasp what "Merica" has that is unexcelled anywhere in the world--freedom. We have a f..Ked up Congress, lots of selfish people, bigots, whatever; 330 mil, got to have a smattering of everything/everybody; but we have freedom. You can curse the country, say awful things about the Prez, whatever. You can get a sign and have on it, "F..K you very much;" and, march in front of City Hall. Nobody is going to come and cart you off. FREEDOM. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


San Francisco spends 166 million per year on the homeless. 


YRecently a friend visited Berlin. He had this to say, "The effects of immigration are very obvious. It is easier to find Thai or Indian or Turkish  Muslim restaurants, etc, than it is a German ones. The Indian restaurant, just across the street from the former American Army hospital, featured Indian food with Switzerland on the side; and, a rare authentic German restaurant was owned and operated by Russians. When we expressed a desire for a bockworst or Bratwurst, we were taken to a street stand reputed to be the best in the city; they knew it was upgraded by Asian Indians and heavy on curry and light on German mustard; not what we were looking for. Our final meal eating out was in an “authentic” German facility located in the former East Berlin and beneath active elevated train/bahn tracks. 

The natives seemed concerned but not alarmed about the approach of the day or generation when they may become the minority in their own city (Berlin).

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Our good friend, Victoria, a WAC (Woman's Army Corp), loved Memorial Day--mainly that she could give various non-military types a block of instruction on the fact that Memorial Day was to honor those who had paid the ultimate price for their country. She would emphasize that other holidays honored soldiers. This one, Memorial Day, is for those, in her words, "who have passed." Victoria has passed.  


In Vietnam, we got this Battalion  Commander in who decided that to motivate the troops, he would have a coin made and give every soldier that could verify he had killed an enemy, a Brave Eagle coin. It didn't go over because at this stage, we'd been in country about ten months and all anybody wanted to do is stay alive. The sorry "mother" drove around the AO in a 
LOH, (light observation helicopter). It didn't take any time for the VC to shoot him down. When the admin people were going through his personal effects, they found all these "Brave Eagle" coins. They didn't know what to do so they gave 'em to me, which happened often--reminds me of another war story. I'll hold it. . After Vietnam I found the "coins" in some of my Vietnam souvenirs that I hung onto. For a year or so, I gave out the "Brave Eagles." You cannot imagine how coveted they became. I was besieged with soldiers wanting a coin. In fact, what reminded me of this was an email from a soldier wanting to know where he could get one. 


You are awarded this Brave Eagle for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. In complete disregard for your own personal safety, under a hail of enemy and rocket fire, you persevered to make it to the Bayside. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015


I am not much on memorials but they are reality. What invariably happens after wars, a nation builds memorials. A nation of those who give a F..k which ain't Vietnam was different. For sure, nobody gave a hang about that war and especially those who fought in it. Vietnam is probably the only war where the Warriors got blamed for the war. 

This Memorial Day I wanted to do something different. 


In Iraq, there's a sure thing: ISIS mounts an attack. The Iraqi Security Forces bug out, leaving valuable American equipment which ISIS takes for their own. 

The Americans agreed to expand and speed shipments of military equipment to Iraqi Security Forces (ISIS). 
                                From the WSJ

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Delivering bad news in a medical setting is never easy. The Docs (not criticism, physicians want to heal and when they can't, they often don't know how to handle it) were notoriously inept in talking to patients and giving them the "word" if it was bad. Most, even older physicians, struggled with their bedside manner in this arena. 

I am in the early thought processes of putting together a book of my time in an Army Medical Center and was reminded of the "bad news" delivery when I recently saw the movie, "Still Alice." Julianne Moore received an Oscar for portraying Dr. Alice Howland, a linquistics professor with early on Alzheimer's (50). Although a hard movie to watch, a wonderful one in terms of facing a difficult subject. In fact, my wife would not see it, too sad. 

Julianne Moore began to have little lapses in memory and when she got lost while running, she knew something was happening. As the movie portrayed it, without hesitation, she checks it out. The actor who played the Doc was great. Unlike many I've known where delivering less than good news was tough, the Doc in the movie said to Julianne Moore's character something like, "You have early on-set of Alzheimer's and it is only going to get worse." 

In "Still Alice," it does; denial starts and the drama of dealing with the disease in everyday activities begins. Lots of lessons to take from the movie. Her character, Dr.Alice Howland makes this wonderful speech, where she acknowledges what is happening to her.  She says something like, I am still Alice but struggling.  

The family mostly comes around with the exception of Alec Baldwin who plays the husband. I thought he was good. Most of the critics weren't all that kind to him, however. 

Without a doubt, the best scene is where she has planned to end her life. It is one of the best positively contrived I've ever seen. There are so many good points in this movie, one among many are the lines she delivers, "I had rather have cancer. " And, the Doc's suggestion, something like, "we can't turn this around but there are little tricks you can do."

 Force yourself, however painful, to see this movie. I have been totally unsuccessful in getting family/friends to see it. This is one of those movies that could truly do something for you, other than entertain you. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


My wife and I are rewatching the HBO series, "The Wire." Since it is set in Baltimore and Baltimore has recently been the poster child for race relations and Police in "Merica," we thought, "is this a case where art, so to speak, imitates life. Uncanny are the similarities. After viewing an episode recently, She asked, "Is there a character in the show that is not corrupt, dealing drugs, overly ambitious, adinfinitum? NO, not really--a pretty sad commentary, if you translate that to life. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


My prediction always has been that eventually ISIS will take IRAQ. Next on their plate is Baghdad. So, how has this happened. F..k if I know, although the Sunday NY Times has a pretty good explanation. The Secdef (Secretary of Defense) finally has said what any "thinking" American is seeing. In Iraq, the Itaqi Defense Force knows, "cut and run." The Secdef says they don't have the "will" to fight. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

POTSDAM and Goebbels

My misgivings of the WSJ's editorial positions aside, I do have a love/hate relationship with the Journal but love their book reviews; mainly because of length. Two books they reviewed, I am going to read. Goebbels, a f..king crazy who along with his crazy wife, poisoned their six children in a show of fanaticism for Hitler. In a sense, fanatics like ISIS are not any worse that nuts like the Goebbels. 

The second book is "Potsdam," the Conference of Allied World Leaders, at the close of WW ll in Europe; at least from Truman's perspective, if I could guess, he was searching out the peace. 

In a sense, a little tidbit that I hadn't thought about: Roosevelt suffered from heart failure. He knew it and did not expect to live through his fourth term. Consequently, he chose the little known Truman as his VP for his ending. (Much speculation, why?)

Potsdam, the summit, established Truman as very much seeking peace while all those around him clamored for more war. 

Truman's management style seems much like our current President. On the "Myers Briggs Type Indicator." Both, I think, are ENTJs. For instance, all around the Prez, are the Republicans wanting more involvement in the MidEast when it has already proven we can't do s..t. The Iraqis couldn't get their act together when we were over there in full force and now facing ISIS, they definitely can't. 

I get so f..king tired of the "talking heads,"  'The President isn't engaged enough" Bullshit! The President gives someone a job, he expects them to do it. We don't want him farting around with a do nothing Congress. We want him trying to run the country. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Good Life Wasn't Enough

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston bomber, now sentenced to death is more than tragic. First of all up front, let me say as a rule, I don't believe in the death penalty. It seems too extreme to me for a civilized society; but, that having been said, I think the jury got it right. There are some crimes so heinous that someone like Tsamaev forfeits his life among civilized people. 

What fascinates and saddens me about him is that our way of life was not enough to make him resistant to this heinous act. To such a crime, the question, is religion that strong? Islam apparently is. A handsome kid, introduced to all that America has: education, warm and comfortable existence; friends, family, not perfect but supportive: no telling what other opportunities. And, he is stupid beyond belief. 

My belief? F..k yes but the only one I have. Maybe I am deluding myself but how this kid could be this callous: way beyond me. WTF. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Upfront, I need to announce that I don't like Generals. Why? More philosophy  than actual. I haven't had good experiences with the "stars." Most of the time, I've seen that generals begin to believe their own press. I think that McChrystal is one of those. I confess too that I haven't read the book, rather this long review in the WSJ. I will not bore you with my view of the "Journal" either. 
I don't doubt that some of his/co-authors view of good leadership is OK but not much. It is hard not to look at several decisions in Iraq where the public, because they didn't know or understand, just accepted decisions at face value. The so called "surge" is one. First of all, it wasn't some general's idea, rather a young battalion commander who had the idea of separating the factions. And it didn't involve new tactics. Simply, it paid off the Sunnis who were killing us. They switched sides, the killing stopped and all was great until we stopped paying them and they switched back; the killing started again. What a way to fight a war!

 Where, from The Review, it seems that military style leadership can be added to a civilian mix. Noway. There are too many variables. Danger and killing or dying just to name a couple. Being in combat is no day at the beach and not a time to test leadership principles. 

From the "Review," there's a really good example from Starbucks. Since I am writing this at SBs, not sure where this is suppose to go. I do know that SBs is a business that "gets it." If SBs is a "Team of Teams," example, they've nailed it. 

I hate to put the bad mouth on my fellow North Carolinian but I laughed big time as I had a conspiracy theory about how McChrystal lost his job. He set it up. Bad mouthing the Prez in front of a reporter. He knew Iraq was a "fast train to nowhere," which has proven to be true; and he wanted out. Talk about Brer Rabbit in the Brier Patch. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


There is absolutely no area where the "haves and have nots" are as visible as in health care. If you have the "means" you can exhaust all possibilities for healing. 

This is not to take away from Tom Brokaw and his book, A Lucky Life Interrupted...thanks to his considerable financial resources, his friends in high places, this statement is simple fact. 

There is absolutely no area where the "haves and have nots" are as visible as in health care. If you have the "means" you can exhaust all possibilities for healing

Monday, May 11, 2015


The U. S. has called an Arab Summit and the Arabs are not Showing

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

My top 10 things I learned from my Mother.

1. Love of flowers - daffodils, roses and hydrangeas 
2. Awareness of and appreciation for birds - robin redbreast
3. Need for wearing lipstick - add a smile and start the day!
4. Work the room - meet and greet!
5. Step up, it's show time - We wish you a Merry Christmas!
6. Love the church - attend and support
7. Figure out something to do and stick to it -Sunday afternoon letters,  post cards to people in the hospitals, roses for the piano on Wednesday night's prayer meeting, WMU meetings, painting, remember those serving in the Military.
8. Support your partner - examples too numerous to mention.  Did she ever miss a church service?
9. Motto - never forget who you are!  As I age each day and forget things, this has new meaning!
10. Love the scriptures - the crown jewel, Psalm 91.   {{{{Jackie}}}}

Saturday, May 09, 2015



One Mother's Day especially sticks out to me. Mom was in Duke Hospital when I was in the 7th grade. She had this mysterious illness which took her to within a whisper of death. She had a high fever and did not respond to anything. In a semi coma, eventually the docs determined she had been bitten by a Black Widow Spider. She was very sick but once they began treating her to rid herself of the poison, she began a slow recovery. 

I went to live with my older brother, Raz,  who was a High School coach. It was not the greatest year of my life. We were tobacco farmers. I went from having no structure to not bring able to breathe. As I think of that year, I remember one positive thing about it: Mother's Day and Raz and I went to visit Mom in the hospital. Just us. It was great. We laughed and carried on. My brother loved comics  and didn't want anybody knowing he was reading them. We stopped on the way back and bought every single different comic that the drugstore had and read them all--a sweet Mother's Day memory. 


Just when you think you have heard it all, Texas jumps up and becomes the epitome of stupid: diverting HIV funds to go for abstinence only education. And Texas has about the highest HIV of anywhere. 

Teaching abstinence--you have got to be s..ting me. Teenagers in the backseat of a 49 Ford, all heated up and we think they will stop to discuss whether they are going to have sex. You have got to be kidding me. 

Thursday, May 07, 2015


FUNERAL PROCESSION. We call it Iraq and this book sounds like an affirmation of it. 


Today, I went to a fund raiser for the Alzheimer's Association. The sad part of the disease is when you see people who have lived long and rich lives and they end up not knowing they're in the world. Early Alzeheimers is especially sad. 

The luncheon was good. It was a salad and only costs, $250. Well worth it. Much chest beating bu the Asso and rightly so. They are a good organization and do lots of good at the ground level, especially helping people cope with the diagnosis, along with supportive help. 

The financial contribution goes, according to the Association, toward research. Some stats: every 27 seconds someone is diagnosed with the disease. Today, they had a wife and her husband, early sixties. She told about
their struggles. He gave his own testimony. Very inspiring. 

My reservation and it is slight. (Big point is that Alzheimer's receives much less government funding for research than say, cancer). The idea is that this is inequitable. My idea, why not? Let's face it, most Alzheimer's patients are older, have lived long and rich lives. And, although sad, time to hit the road--a loved one, 80 plus. Time to go. 

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Freud's Birthday

Today is the birthday of Sigmund Freud.  In his honor we can attest to the theory of psychoanalysis that he promoted by acknowledging the sorry state of the mental health of Sam, Michael, Johnson, Mr. Bicknell, Dave, Joe, Dr. Paul, Larry, Scott, Elise, Fernanda, Rebecca, Andy, and Mayor Ed Lee, and the fake Marine of San Rafael.

Have a nice day; dream on!


I use to have a blog called, "Most Americans Are Stupid." I know it sounds arrogant but I believed it. Not dumb but stupid. 

I was really encouraged after the President's first term election, not in terms of politics as much as a new direction after what I considered 8 years of disaster; two wars and the worst economy since the Great Depression. 

My hopes have not materialized and I am thinking of reviving my blog, mainly because of the next presidential election. An example: Hillary and Bill have typical Clinton problems (honesty/credibility) but it seems to make no difference to polled Democratic  voters. In full disclosure, I confess that I will vote for Hillary if that is the only choice but what about Bernie Sanders. New ideas but it is as though he got lost at the train station. WTF. As of yet, no traction for Bernie. Crazy. 


 The terrific book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, "Heretic," should be read by every American.  Basically, she this moment said to me, "if you were a blogger in Bangladesh and said something critical about Islam, they would come to your house, drag you out and hack you to death." This happened. What the f..K, this is what we face according to Ali.  

Having read her book, "Infidel," I was hooked. She is a terrific voice of reason even while enduring  some disappointing views from America. I apologize on their behalf. Ostracized because of her views and a victim of political correctness, she more than answers her critics in "Heretic."

Even when she was in the Netherlands, with all their chest beating on their great display of tolerance, I didn't think they did such a hot job of supporting her. With a courageous person like Ali, they should have been falling all over themselves. And then when her good friend was killed by  a fanatic, they didn't appear to be very outraged; that incident was brutal.   As she was relating the experiences of intolerance, I thought, "come on to 'Merica' (NASCAR pronunciation). "

I was especially happy to see her "call out" all these colossal assholes who either were intimidated, i.e.,  the President of Brandeis. Coward--to let some faculty and students with un-American views, determine what he was going to do. What the f..k. No guts. 

And, proves her point that you can say what you want against most anything/anybody but you better not criticize Islam. Why is it threatening to a liberal view to point out the obvious. And, to accuse her of being am Islamaphobe. What the f..k is that. 

Here is something really interesting, having been a former publisher, I watched "Heretic" debut at 8th on the NY Times best seller list only to  disappear quickly. What the hell. 

My personal belief is that her book, in calling out those in politics and in general, to include our own president, on their wrong headed look at Islam, kind of doomed the sales of "Heretic. " 

I don't want this to sound like some conspiracy theory but there is the old American "live and let live" which we think can be extended to Islam. Not so according to Ali, for lots of reasons. Read the book. 

In the book she tells a great life story which is quite inspirational. Liberals (I hate labels) like myself would like to think that tolerance ruled the day. Forget that. 

According to Ali, there has to be "Reform." But, this is "Alice in Wonderland." By her own admission, the worst thing any Christian has ever said to her is "God bless you." She is heavily guarded and from who. Sure as hell not from a bunch of evangelical Christians, "you convert or you die." Think of a recent event as an example. Migrants are on a leaky vessel escaping from tyranny, and yet along the (haven't verified this but there have been several accounts), way on this dangerous journey, the Muslims took time to throw twelve Christians overboard. These are the people that Hershi Ali wants to reform Islam. I don't think so.  


David Goldberg died on Friday from head injuries after collapsing on a treadmill at a luxury villa in Mexico, according to the authorities. He was 47 and the chief executive of SurveyMonkey, an online polling service.


Monday, May 04, 2015

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton said he's still going to take half a mill $$$ for a speech. "Got to pay the bills," he says. Bill actually looks bad. He ought to occasionally revert to the old days of having a Whopper. Plus, he says that the Family Foundation will continue to accept money from foreign donations. Of course, big bucks contributions won't influence Bill and Hillary. Everybody who believes that raise your hand?

Sunday, May 03, 2015


It is hard to think of Baltimore and not  think of "The Wire". Those from Baltimore surely didn't like it and accused "The Wire" of giving the wrong image of their city. I surely understand. 

Was "The Wire" an accurate picture of Baltimore. I think for what it did. Drugs and how pervasive they were to their own people. 
The view of police and their relationship to poverty, no jobs, lack of education, inequity of income, played a big part in the HBO Show. Should I go on? Very sad.

The Series dealt with a value system, not only the residents (place that we now associate with Sandtown--we've learned since the killing of Freddy Gray; but, how the police value system showed an utter disregard for hard work, rather an entrenched attitude based on how little they could do. They had no interest in justice, openness or even basic honesty. Into this environment came Jimmy McNalty, far from being a hero even though he wanted to be a good cop/detective, he tried. A few like Jimmy float across the way but not many. 

 Can anything be done in a place like Baltimore. Sure. How long will it take? 50 years at least. Racism is alive and well in our country and it ain't going away easily. God bless us all.