Sunday, January 22, 2017

Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

The troops gathered this morning for the usual riviting dialogue. It seemed a lot or a little different. There appeared to be several interesting people. Possibly, they were from the "Hands Across the Golden Gate Bridge for Justice and Equality." One sitting close to us with a guy, young--she screamed several times. The guy with her says she has "tourrets." We don't buy it but fine, can go with it. Ray and his younger brother Austin come in. Great! We need another table. Alese seats them with a woman who gets upset that nobody ask her if they could sit at her table. We offer to pay for her breakfast. "If money can sound the problem, it's no problem." She is now happy.  Woman is quite a "talker." Ray says he has seen her before. Honestly, she could talk the "ears off a billy goat."' We dialogue. Nobody is following the "talker." Michael comes in. We turn our attention to working on commo skills. Woman is still talking. Another woman in the back booth, behind Henry, can't decide if possibly she is a "Trannie." She's tall. 

We talk to Austin, one of our heroes, Vietvet, helicopter pilot. Lucky to be alive. Once he provided close air support for Ray, a platoon commander, facing sizeable numbers of the NVA (North Vietnam Army). 

The woman asks if we are all Vets. I say yes. Gary says he's not, messing over a good story. Woman still talking. Ray tells us that Ciliope slept all night. Ciliape was expelled from silent meditation for not being silent. Almost walking. Sam tells us about his treatment. Has one more, then test. May be enough. HooAhhhhh. 

Ray and Austin finally give up and depart. Henry and Walt and Michael depart. We have some group hugs. Henry, always interested in our spiritual lives, gives Gary and me, a book, "End of Faith." I asked him if he ever wants to see this book again. He says no. 

Gary and I shoot the breeze a bit. We walk outside.  The possible Trannie comes up to us. She says something like, "great seeing what fun we have." She is tall, runs poetry workshops, is having big shindig; names over several bigwigs we should know. Gary asks her about the head of garbage, etc. She can't remember but he is definitely coming to her show. Wants to know if we would come and sit on the stage and talk about our experiences. I am in the process of escaping. She has on a fading tee with peace signs on it; workout pants. Her husband is a Navy Seal. Before I can escape, Gary "outs" me. "Oh this guy is retired. He's a chaplain." She clomes on as I have to play nice. I say to her something like,  "no chance that these guys will cooperate on anything." She says, "I want to meet and talk. When do you meet?" I am fumbling. Gary says, "Friday is our best day." OMG.  You couldn't make this stuff up.