Tuesday, July 26, 2016


We die twice. First when the breath leaves our body and the second time when a person says our name for the last time. 

Al Pachino
The movie, "Stand Up Guys."


Every single time I see a black person, I want to run over to them and say, "I want to apologise for all Americans that we have treated you so badly." Here's an example. Recently I was listening to "Short Stories, " this great program on 
NPR (National Public Radio). One of the stories is about a group of black female musicians on a bus, in the fifties, traveling South on 95, trying to find places to play their music. They stop in Dunn, North Carolina, my home town, to eat. They could find no place that would serve them. They finally located a grocery store who sold them food to fix on the bus. This is the 50s and I am in High School. I am instantly ashamed.  GdA

Friday, July 22, 2016


Good morning with the GFs. We had the usual banner. Immo showed and we got a chance to hear his views on Trump. Pretty acid to say the least but we agree mostly and had actually thought, in his speech, Trump sounded like Hitler. "All these things he could do," says a narcissistic Trump: 

Immo is a good voice. Wish we saw him more. For a group saying away from politics, politics seem to dominate. 

We talked terrorism. The Munich thing was just starting when we, in a great act of charity, gave our booth to a handsome older couple. 

Outside,  we carried on. Immo told us about something he had read in German paper. At the "Nice" tragedy, a guy who was on his moped, witnessed what was going on. The "mad man" terrorist in a truck was mowing down people. The guy jumps on his moped, chases the terrorist down and like in the movies, jumps on the "running board" of the truck. He starts slugging the driver. The driver takes out a weapon and tries to shoot the guy. The gun jams. The moped guy keeps hitting him. The terrorist finally dislodged the guy by hitting him with the gun.  However, the distraction is enough for the police to surround the truck and kill the terrorist perpetrator.  

Now, this guy is truly a hero.  hero. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

The wheels have come off.

My wife said to me this morning. I don't know what is happening to our country. Looks like the wheels have come off. I nodded: police shootings, black lives matter, Trump, the Republicans. 

Here's what my favorite magazine, "The Economist" said: America in 2016 is peaceful, prosperous and despite recent news, more racially harmonious than at any point in history. 


Is anybody who supports Trump a non-thinker. I think so.  An example--Last night on "60 Minutes," Leslie Stall interviewed Trump and Pense. She didn't pull any punches. Trump was masterful.  An example, (Trump or his children are smart "mothers)." His new theme is "make America safe again and make America great." Who can disagree with that? All kinds of non-thinkers are out there saying, HooAhhhh. 

 This is getting scary. Really what about the hair on these guys. Trump and then Pense, the running mate, plastered down.  It sounds like I am looking for something but honestly the hair is a phenomena. 

I am thinking there has to be a plan--ban talking about politics. Doesn't solve anything. Kind of like that saying. "You can't teach a pig to fly. It waste your time and annoys the pig."

Saturday, July 16, 2016


As I am sitting around bemoaning who the f..k are these people who support Trump, I think of the F..K word and the fact that my mom would not be happy with me using it. I mostly got in touch with the word in Vietnam. In Nam, if you took out the word F..k or MF (use your imagination), the G.I. vocabulary would be reduced by 75%. 

Why do we love to use f..k so much? It is really used more as a commanding NOUN than a sexual adjective. I don't expect the non thinking Trump crowd to get this. It conveys domething, a word, an emotion, a sense of frustration that no other word can work. Recently I streamed a movie, "Neighbors," It was German with subtitles. Very suspensefu. Apparently, there is no German equivalent of F..K or maybe there is but wasn't used in the movie. Nothing conveyed their sense of frustration like the word, f..k. I love the word and nothing subs for it in the right context. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A person's perception is his/her reality

Listening to the Predident's speech in Dallas, I was moved by the tribute and memorial to the five policeman. I was equally touched by George W.,  Dallas Police Chief, Mayor. The absolute highlight was the Police Choir that sang "Battle  Hymn of the Republic."  

The President said many things that were memorable. One was that America is not as divided as we think and especially as some try to tell us. He professed a love of country which was very moving to me. He used a concept that is  important. Perception. A person's perception is his reality. What he belies to be true is true to him. The facts may be something else entirely. 

To me, this is what makes the "racial" situation relatively insoluble. Sad but true.  

Monday, July 11, 2016


Of course they do. All lives matter but that fact does not take away from African Americans great sense of separation from much of our culture and especially the Police. 

My real belief is that race and the homeless issues are insoluble. We have to keep trying. Much of the problem is "perception." If you perceive something to be true, to you it is true. The facts be damned. 

You are doing a good job by raising this. For those of us who suspicioned you were a Trump supporter, "black lives matter" from you might mean there is hope. God bless you. Airborne and HooAhhhh. GdA

Sunday, July 10, 2016


I have been wracking my brain to come up with some remembrance of George. I thought of this one. George could not  read or write. Yet he would sit for hours pretending to read the newspaper. We all knew he couldn't read but don't remember anyone ever saying something to him. To me this is absolutely remarkable. It was as though we wanted to give George this moment. If he wanted to pretend he was reading, OK with us. Pretty amazing if you think about it.