Sunday, April 28, 2013


I came to America when I was a teenager. It was hard at first but we came from unbelievable deprivation to the land of plenty. We could not believe how generous Americans were This is my opinion for all the immigrants that have a complaint about living here in AMERICA. Get the Fuck out of here. Go back were you came from.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


This is one of those movies that you pretty much know where its heading. A pretty thin story line: sixties radicalized anti-Vietnam war types who took the peaceful demonstrations violent (Weathermen) and now are left over hippies who have blended into normalcy. Part of the issue with older actor; maybe they should let us remember them in "The Sting or Sundance Kid," and in their twilight years dedicate themselves to their Grandkids.

He is 76 years old. What do you expect?

76, his eyes. Should wear glasses all the time. Don't know if he has had work. I think maybe an eye job.

I still think Robert Redford is holding pretty well. Nick Nolte looks terrible though. Fat and scratchy voice.

Friday, April 26, 2013


A few months ago, I saw the baseball movie with Clint Eastwood. He is a scout. Not much of a lvie. Plot as thin as a piece of NC country ha

Here's a war story that is only slightly related to Ball State. When I was in College trying to be a football player, the Coach talked to us about going back to our High School trying to recruit friends, etc. We had this guy, son of one of my teachers--I talked him into coming to my college. They literally ignored him. I did what I could but it was obvious that the coach's interest was zero. The guy goes to UNC becomes an All American. I wanted somebody from Ball State to recognize him, who had it all: good grades, handsome, great athlete. How lucky they would be. They could put the rush on. They did nothing. The officials had their heads up their posterior. "Ball State who?"

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Recently a family member told me that the president called her cousin's Mom after her son was killed in Afghanistan-- one of the five soldiers, killed along with the young female diplomat. I thought to myself that it could hardly make up for the tragedy. Even with my cynicism (so think that our decisions about Iraq and Afghanistan have been so stupid) it was a nice gesture, the least the Commander could do--"sorry for your loss." There is no sugar coating it. Young Delfin Santos, Jr. cannot be brought back. In this case, the loss is compounded as he is the only son, Dad dead. The scene is sad, more than sad anyway you cut it. And, the military process doesn't help in my estimation.

Grief, sadly, has its own personality, more than I could ever innumerate: "shock at the news, questions like when is the body arriving?" To the military's detriment and sometimes credit, they often give out too much information as they don't really know some details but want to be helpful. And, when young Santos actually does arrive, it is a new round of grief. There ought to be a better way. Or, maybe this is merely one way. Maybe it is better to grieve to the point that one is numb with it. There really is no formula. A buddy of mine told me that when his brother was killed in Vietnam, his mom went into the house and did not come out for seven years.

And, now we have the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing. The grief is almost palpable. God bless us all.


This is fascinating to me. Most of us are glued to the radio for news of the Boston Marathon bombing. One dead and we hope closing in on the other. The one youngster on the lam is a teenager. One person interviewed, actually an NPR broadcaster, who knew the teenager. Can't believe it. Unbelievable. Questions, Questions, Questions.

Then comes a program on NPR, "Story Corp." Unbelievably inspirational. An amputee spends his time talking to patients at the hospital where his leg was amputated and who has many amputees. He goes to some bureaucrat at the hospital and tells them that he wants to volunteer to talk to amputees. They tell him to get "out of town." He isn't trained, etc. On the way out of hospital, he runs into the chaplain. The chaplain asks him what he is about. He explains to the Chaplain. The Chaplain ask, "Can he come back on Saturday? He doesn't know anything or why the Chaplain wants him to show up. But, dutifully he shows up on Saturday. It is training on how to talk to people. The Chaplain gives him a Chaplain's badge and tells him, "Now, you can visit as much and all you want." Amazing! Now, this is a Chaplain! Airborne! HooAhhhhhhh. An aside, what a nice story in light of the tragedy in Boston.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


GIs and a young female diplomat trying to help the most vulnerable and dying for it. F..k. Delivering textbooks. So sad and personally I say "f..k, MFer" I am angry and realize what a waste the loss of these young lives are.


GIs trying to help the most vulnerable and dying for it. F..k. Delivering textbooks. So sad and personally I say "f..k, MFer" I am angry and realize what a fuckin waste.

Monday, April 08, 2013


RUTGERS. I had originally written these remarks. "What the F..k? I get so tired of issues like the Rutgers incident. I went to college on a football scholarship and it was par for the course for the coach to abuse us or rather to say anything. What the hell, you sorry MFers, you are not worth s..t, anything. You are not worthy to even breathe the same air as a real athlete. All the while, he is pushing, cursing.

I TAKE IT BACK. Watching the video makes me realize I am wrong. This guy at RUTGERS is out of control. He had to go. Goes to show you, get the whole picture before passing judgment.

The President's remarks that California has an "attractive attorney general" is sexist. Come on! Give me a break!

Fat people are mad at Target because TARGET labels a dress, Manatee. The rather large people say manatee is insulting because it means a rather fat animal. Hmmmmmm Then the Samoans are ticked off because their airline wants to charge by the pound. Dang. And, on two different programs: The Jews were saying they were discriminated against: one in college admissions, another in music, heard this program on NPR and then read about a play on Broadway where this is a lot of the theme. We can't minimize this and always have to be aware. I am a "white boy" from NC. In NY where I lived for a time in Brooklyn, the deli folks would laugh at my accent. Then, my daughter and I were skiing in Switzerland once and at night sitting in the hot tub with a bunch of Brits. Afterwards my daughter said, "Dad, these people were making fun of you constantly and you didn't even know it." So, that is it. I never get pinged because I don't "get it." we'll, I have to be more aware. Today is Holocoast Remembrance Day. I am definitely going to REMEMBER!!!!

Saturday, April 06, 2013


LEAVE AFGHANISTAN. This doesn't seem so hard. A country whose leadership is mired in corruption, a whole segment of the people ready to go over to the Taliban. Only a small fraction of Americans even know we're in Afghanistan. Leaving 8-14 thou is a fast train to nowhere and opens us to immense problems. We sure as hell can't listen to the generals. Their mantra is more troops. Nothing we are doing in Afghanistan is working. We have done our best. Next case.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

North Korea

KIM Jong UN has the emotional maturity of a tree, with apologies to the tree. The difficulty which none of the prognosticators have zeroed in on-- Korea, like most Asian countries, subscribe to the Confucian Ethic. This isn't a religion, rather a philosophy. Not casual if taken to the extreme. In North Korea, the Confucian Ethic is past the extreme: "worship of the leader," Kim Jung UN is drunk on power. In practical terms, it means that an emotionally challenged neophyte like UN could care less about the lives of people anywhere, to include his own. He is dangerous. If he does what I predict, take the country to war or some provocative act, he could be in Seoul in milliseconds. Consequently, South Korea, not America, The ROK (South Korea) Army is as good as any in the galaxy. They have conscription with no loopholes, everybody serves. Their training conditions are incredibly hard and borders on torturous. They have to be super ready, expecting war to happen!

What I am hearing is that most everybody seems to think it is more North Korean bluster. NO, I DON'T THINK SO. The dictator is too inexperienced and honestly believes he is infallible.

The ROK (Republic of Korea) needs to be ready to go in fast and hard, backed by US air. And, bombing them into the stone age should be a "given." No long protracted engagement. What is a little different this time in my estimation is that we can't afford to buy them off. In the past to get them to quit their nuclear program, we have thrown them a few million here and there. The bank is closed, can't afford it or simply our system has now slammed shut this avenue: sequestration.

Sadly, this is really the only way. I am sorry for the people as they have been brainwashed for years but there is no negotiating with a madman. God bless us in this critical time.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist is a f..king zeolot anyway you look at it. He is an example of a smart guy who has an answer for everything. Anybody who signs the "tax pledge" of this MFer's "no taxes" is as dumb as he is. I wish this f..ker would move to another country. Am I biased? F..king "A" in spades. The difference is I honestly think that my mind could be changed, in particular if something were presented that would help the country. This f..ker, Norquist, is a zeolot: "Do nor confuse me with facts, I have my mind made up."