Saturday, August 15, 2009


wolfman is moving at a steady clip, today is his first night outside of yosemite park. it took him 7 days of steady hiking, what a dude.


I know this is not required but in order to avoid an article 32 investigation, I am doing a prelim report. The peaches are picked, Frances Leigh, the Granddaughter and I made our way to SC. I heard a couple of great jokes about the Guv who would not resign but I can't remember them. A couple of family things and now I am standing in the door waiting for the greenlight and on the way back to CA. I get back late Thursday night and may see you guys at Whole Foods on Friday. I truest that you have held it together since I have been out of the AO. Larry, have a great trip, we'll be following your progress and you can count on me keeping it on the front burner, along with the absence of trashing of the guru.

When I come to the South, Rachael, my youngest daughter says, "Dad, your IQ drops and your vocie slows down." OK! I do have some observations, however. First of all, I have always thought that the South would come to a point where integration would have been a transitioning point. Meaning that not only were blacks in the market place but integrating into all aspects of society. It ain't going to happen in the South, especially the deep South. There is lots of integration in the workplace. You can go into any bank or store and African Americans are fully integrated into the work force but there is absolutely no social intergration: churches are segregated, etc. And, I use to think it was going to change but not so.

I would say that I talked to hundreds about politics, etc., I was the only Democrat, other than my brother in the entire state. I think that the Prez must have stuffed the ballot boxes. It was amazing. And, the vast majority of the views, at least those I talked to, are the "Fox" news types, same old right wing stuff that we hear in CA. In fact, if it was health care, whatever the same type of arguments. Keep in mind now, we are talking this is truly rural NC. If I could and will from my iPhone send you a tobacco plant. In fact, I just finished reading what is his name, oh, Howard Dean's book on Health Care Reform. It is right on. These people don't read any of this stuff; of course, then again, in CA, the right wing doesn't read them either. In fact, this was an interesting story: some congressman had scheduled a town hall meeting to answer questions about the Health Care bill. The right wing crowded in and shouted down everything and didn't want to listen to anything but there own agenda. And, this, of course, is their tactic. This guy on NPR called them the brown boots.

And, Andy, you'll love this: there is a church on every corner in theSouth. I am always amazed at this honestly. In fact, my grand daughter and I were travelling during church time and I was amazed at how many people went to Church. To give you an idea, in San Fran., it is estimated that at best 15% of the people attend Church. In Spartanburn, SC, probably 90% go to church. Many of the times, I am wrestling with this. trying to figure it out.

And, in the midst, fighting the shingles. You guys better get the shot, I'm telling you. When I get back to CA, I am going to really fight this thing. What is going on now is not working, lots of pain. Dang. But, I am an ex paratrooper, so, let's suck it up.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


OK, are we tracking the Larry man. I like the name Immo has given him, Wolfman. This is no small thing. I can see a book out of it. Way to go Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Larry, one of the "girlfriends" is on a 250 mile hike. Hehas been relentless in preparing for the trip. It is one, according to him, of discovery. Mainly, self discovery. Here is a notefrom Immo, who dropped him off to begin the "journey." God bless him.

I dropped Larry and his 60 pound backpack (about 20 pounds of which consisted of his weapons and ammunition) in Yosemite last friday. He was in good spirits and excited about his journey. He is the toughest of us all, by miles!!--attached are some pics of him I took Friday (August 7). Also, if you click on the url below you can see where he is presently on the Immo,-119.4896&ll=38.011,-119.4896&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1