Saturday, August 04, 2012


When I was growing up, I worked at my brothers grocery store which was in this great little town, well, more like a village. We had a big African American clientele that were poor to say the least. That is another story, unlikely to be told by me. Anyway, one day, my brother and I are out and for some reason we were dropping off some groceries to a black family. They lived in a ram shackle house like most. On the top of it was a TV antenna. My brother who was a great guy and whose bark was about ten times worse than his bite said something like, "can you believe this, these people don't have a pot to p..s in and yet they have a TV." I remember it like yesterday, I said to him more to hassle and tick him off than anything. Remember, I am a teenager. I said something like, "Well, I don't guess that poor people don't deserve a TV or any good things in life." When I think of WI, liberal (hate labels and prefer to call myself open) bent that I am, can hardly believe that guys like Paul Ryan come from a state like Wisconsin. I am thinking that he should be from Alabama or South Carolina but not Wisconsin. He has literally in my view, taken the Republicans hostage to his idealogical views. He would dismantle everything from Social Security to Medicare and everything in between plus fork over tax breaks to those who don't need it. Amazing.