Sunday, December 24, 2006

Are Things Worse Than Ever Before

I really don't think that our world is any worse than it has historically been. I use to do a sermon on the Second Coming and use the Biblical concepts of Jesus return as the end of the world. I believe in a theory of "end times" called the pre-millinial view of His return and basically means that the world gets so bad that there is no possibility of redemption and God ends it. Well, my belief is that we are not even close to that: there are lots and lots of good people in the world, many of them doing wonderful things.


What those of us who care, especially about Iraq, get hung up over is the "looming" effect of this disaster. Overall, I think, it contributes to a feeling of "things are bad, so hopeless--the world is in a mess.

We are in a quagmire in Iraq with no real way out. The powers that be continue to be in maxed out denial, even with the midterm elections turning as they did which gives hope of change.

Iraq is violently partitioning itself in civil war (my thoughts but also heard a good story on NPR recently which confirmed my beliefs). Sunnis are being moved out of Shiite neighborhoods and ethnic cleansing is happening. And, GIs are dying.

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